PSA: Your email address will stop working

If you do NOT have a address, then don’t gloat. Check your inbox for friends & family who use it, and give them this info.

If you DO, then either (1) Verizon has cruelly and rudely informed you, with short notice, that they will to end your email service, or (2) Verizon will do so “in the coming weeks.” But you can save your email address.

You must wait to receive the notice (in email and/or when you login to Verizon webmail), but you must act quickly, within the deadline you are given. They promise 30 days, but some people got six days notice.

Context: Verizon is ending email service, as obnoxiously as possible, because (1) they now own AOL, (2) they don’t want to do any avoidable work, and (3) they are thoughtfully reminding us of the historic inability of the telecommunications sector to deliver a user experience that isn’t horrific. If you don’t act, your address will stop working. I wrote this because I am close a few Verizon victims.

The good news: You can preserve your email address.  (And you want to do so.) Even if you’re not using it actively, if you ever did use that address there surely are people you care about who never entered your newer email into their address books.  It’s worth the few minutes to have it preserved as yours, forever, including after you drop Verizon entirely.

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